c   r   u   s   a   d   e        c   r   e   a   t   i   v   e

W. Jackson Thilenius, MA, Architect, Artist

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36"x80" OIL ON PANEL





60"x48"  OIL ON CANVAS






48"x30"  OIL ON CANVAS





48"x60"  OIL ON CANVAS





11"x14"  OIL ON CANVAS

A protest against dog fighting,

One dog is happy and healthy...waiting for a ball to be thrown.  This same dog's parallel life is with an owner who has starved and tortured him to induce aggression, cut off his ears prior to fighting, and released him into a life or death struggle with another dog. 

This illegal activity is truly barbaric. 


36"x80" OIL ON PANEL


This painting is in progress.




48"x30"  OIL ON CANVAS


This painting is in progress.